Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretzel Hug Buttons

These make a great holiday treat.  Fill a bag with these, tie a ribbon around them, and give them to your gf friend for the holidays!  They are SURE to love them.

-1 bag gluten free pretzels - Glutino makes excellent ones (these can be found at health food stores like Whole Foods, etc.) 
-1 bag of Hershey's Hugs (they are the Hershey's Kisses that have white and milk chocolate swirled together -- called Hugs)
-1 bag of M&M's
-wax paper or parchment paper

-Set oven to 150 degrees
-On a cookie sheet covered with wax paper or parchment paper, lay out as many pretzels as you would like
-Next, unwrap the Hugs and place a Hug on top of each pretzel
-Put the Hug/pretzel combinations in the oven for 5-7 minutes until SOFT.  You don't want them to be melted or bubbling -- that means they were in too long.
-Pull them out of the oven, and take an M&M and gently press the M&M down the center of the Hug/Pretzel so that the chocolate fills all the empty spots of the pretzel.  Repeat for each one. If the Hug doesn't push down easily with the M&M, then you may need to pop them in the oven again for a minute or two to melt a bit more.

Then transfer them to the fridge to cool and harden (or freezer if you're in a hurry to eat them like me!).  Once they are hardened, they are ready to be packed up as a gift or taken to a party or eaten right there in your living room while you watch tv :)